What Does the Bible Say?
Lesson: About Sin
(all quotations from NKJV)

Sin defined:
-as transgression (a rebellion or defiance against God)
-“For I have acknowledged my_______________________” (Ps. 51:1-4)
-as iniquity (that which is a deviation from a straight line, crooked, or twisted)
-“wash me thoroughly from my ___________________” (Ps. 51:1-4)
-as sin (to err, or to miss the mark, or to fall short)
-“cleanse me from my ___________________” (Ps. 51:1-4)

Sin described:
-as a disease (Ps. 41:4, Luke 5:29-31) If sin is a disease, what is the cure? _________________________
-as a burden (Ps. 38:4) If sin is a burden who can bear it for us?_______________________(see Isa. 53:4)
-as a stain (Isa. 1:18-20, 1 John 1:7-9) If sin is a stain, how can it be cleansed?______________________
-as a debt (Matt. 6:12, 18:23-35) If sin is a debt, who will pay it? ____________________ (see Isa. 53:11)

Types of sin:
-secret sins (Ps. 19:12) The sin is secret to who? ______________________ (see Lev. 5:14)
-presumptuous sins (Ps. 19:13) Can you think of an example of a presumptuous sin in the Bible?
-willful sin (Heb. 10:26-31) Why is this type of sin worse?

Effects of sin:
-impacts you (1 Cor. 6:18-20, Ps. 32:1-5) List some examples of sins impact ___________________ ______________________________________________________________________
-impacts others (Josh. 7:10-25) Who did Achan’s sin effect? (God, him, his family, the camp)
-your influence (Matt. 5:14-16, 1 Tim. 4:12) How specifically could sin effect you influence?___________ __________________________________________________________________________
-your relationship with God (Isa. 59:1-2) If sin separates us from God, what unites us? ________________